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Join us for an event at our Wellness Center in Providence or our flagship studio in Bristol!

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 Friday June 21st | 7:30-8:30 pm  | Bristol Studio

Celebrate the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year with our healing Crystal Singing Bowl sound meditation. The soothing sounds of alchemy crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, and chimes will immerse, relax and calm you. The sound bath journey can help to calm the mind and nervous system, improves sleep quality and concentration, reduces stress , lower blood pressure, boosts creativity, and improves overall well being.

This class begins with a 10-15 minute guided meditation and then you will be lying down on the ground and relaxing throughout the remainder of the experience. No yoga experience is required whatsoever - just come in, get comfy, and enjoy! Please note that previous events have sold out so reservations are required and drop-ins will only be admitted if space allows.

$15 for Members, $20 Drop-In | Reservations are Required

 Saturday June 22nd | 11:30am  | Bristol Studio

Celebrate Pride in Aging!

Founded in 1995, Pride in Aging is an intergenerational and diverse local non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, empowering, and contributing to a high quality of life for the senior LGBTQ+ community! In partnership with other advocacy organizations, allies, and their local community, they support and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, foster a greater understanding of aging in all communities, and promote positive images of LGBTQ+ life in later years.

Our lovely Core Fire instructor Emma will lead a Core Fire Conditioning class to benefit this amazing local non-profit. Light snacks and refreshments will be served after class. We are so proud to sponsor Pride in Aging RI for this event! 

$30 Donation | Reservations are Required | All proceeds benefit Pride in Aging RI

 Sunday June 23rd | 1:30pm  | Providence Studio

Sculpt and Sweat to benefit Haus of Codec!

Founded in 2017 by Julio Berroa, Haus of Codec is a local non-profit with the mission to end transition-aged youth homelessness in Providence through arts and workforce development. They provide community, housing, and education. Their vision is to create a safer and more accessible means to housing, care, and essential services for displaced transition-aged youth. End youth homelessness. Period.

Gianna will lead a Heated Yoga Sculpt class to benefit this amazing local non-profit. Light snacks and refreshments will be served downstairs after class. We are so proud to sponsor Haus of Codec for this event! 

$30 Donation | Reservations are Required | All proceeds benefit Haus of Codec

 Saturday June 29th | 11:30am  | Bristol Studio
Sunday June 30th | 10:00am | Providence Studio

Join Allison for this free 20 minute session and find out what this practice is all about! Laughter Yoga is an exercise program designed by Indian physician Dr Madan Kataria to boost mental health and wellbeing. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques which brings more oxygen to our body and brain, making us feel more energetic and healthy. 

These are simple exercises that can be done every day at home, in the car, or anywhere else. Come as you are and don't be scared to get silly - you will walk away feeling great!

This session is only 20 minutes long so please don't be late or it will already be over! No yoga mats or exercise clothing are required - come as you are. We will be seated on the floor, so you may bring a cushion if this will make it more comfortable for you to sit.

FREE! | Reservations are Required

 Sunday July 7th | 6:30-8:30 pm  | Providence Studio

Explore the inner landscapes of body and mind by combining yin yoga and self-inquiry. This extended class begins with meditation and pranayama (breathwork). From there, yin yoga postures are used to target the deeper tissues of the body. Throughout class, students will come to their appropriate edge, be still and soft in the muscles, and hold shapes for a longer period of time - sometimes up to 10 minutes! Deep Yin ends with a luxurious savasana, leaving students feeling restored and rejuvenated. 

$15 for Members, $30 Drop-In | Space is Limited and Reservations are Required!