Most people sign up for yoga membership with the BEST intentions, but then life gets in the way! You get stuck late at work, your kids are home sick, there's a great movie on TV, or you're just plain tired. 

You know what can help? Having a yoga buddy! On the days when you're on the fence and not sure if you want to drive to the studio or just drive home, it helps to know that you've got a friend who is waiting to see you and practice along with you.

For our March Madness Buddy Challenge, we're encouraging everyone to team up with another person at the studio. This could be your best friend or it could be someone you've never met - we'll play matchmaker! (Last year, we saw some GREAT friendships develop during this challenge.)

You and your buddy will motivate each other to get to class, switch it up, try different classes, and keep a good routine. We'll give you charts to track your progress and we'll match you up against another team every week in friendly competition. (You can play to win or just play to play - it's all good.) At the end of the month, the top teams will earn prizes from other local small businesses!

INTRIGUED YET? Here are the rules for this year's challenge! For those that played in the past, notice that we are NOT giving any extra points for multiple classes in one day - we're more interested in quality than quantity.

March Madness Rules

PRIZES FOR 2020: We're giving out some GOOD prizes this year - not just the old inventory from the back of our closet that we're trying to get rid of!

So far our business sponsors/prizes include: Anahata Massage, Rebel Reef, Urban Bliss Holistic Boutique, Salt of the Earth Hair Studio, and Prica Farina Fresh Pasta Co. Our top teams will win prizes such as: a gift certificate for a massage, a spa hair treatment, and PASTA. Now that's my kind of motivation!

prizes pt 1

Excited yet? Ready to sign up? Come see us at the studio, grab a buddy, and get your name on the board! You can also check out our private Facebook group to connect with other students and find a partner for the challenge.

Remember to breathe and have fun! We'll see you soon in the hot room!

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